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Traffic Control Class, January 15, 2011

On January 15, 2011 DCS will be holding a Traffic Control class at the STARS Center in Whittier. This will be an extended four hour class and all members are encouraged to attend. Anyone who has not had a traffic class in over 2 years is strongly encouraged to sign up for the class in order to update their skills and make note of any updates.  Members who work the funerals, All Souls, or any
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other event which cover pedestrian or vehicular traffic should be in attendance. Keep in mind that anyone working with traffic on a city street is REQUIRED to attend and complete the Traffic Control Class. Members of other agencies may also attend this class, however, DCS will get priority. If you would like to sign up or have any questions, please send an email to: staff10 at lacdcs dot org.

Location: STARS Center, 11515 S. Colima Rd, in Whittier

The following DSWs have signed up for this class:

Harry Almada

Keith Prebble

Pete Tuccillo

Dean Richman

Manual Sanchez

Linda Davis

Mike Farrell

Gil Yanow

Jon Olesen

Debbie Pedrazzoli

David Sweigert

Paolo Pedrazzoli

Robert Sussin

Richard Wood

Rick Norwood

Dave Bassett

Chris Storey

Denzel Dyer

Renauld  Williams

Craig Baker

Debby Miles

Ken Carlson

Marge Miles

Terry Priesant

Mary Carlson

Nancy Geitgey

Andy Veek

Buck Kerns

Joe Lanphen

Randy Branson

Bert Tibbet

Sergio Fajardo

Dave Olney

Kevin Emery

Roberta Gobert

Mike Gobert

Keith Chow

David Killgore

Lou Oronoz

Luis Rupolo

Veronica Diaz

Joe Young

Bill Sullivan

Frank Myllo

Ray Avesian

Diana Bingham


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