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**Safety Vests for Events**

While DCS does not require each member to own their own Safety Vest as part of their membership*, it is STRONGLY suggested. Many events require certain positions to use a Safety Vest. Anyone working on a City, State, or Federal street or highway is required, by law, to wear a Safety Vest.

While we appreciate all members who work an event, the fact that you do not possess a vest may also keep you from working a specific location/assignment due to the requirement of a vest.

It must also be noted that the Safety Vest is used in order to keep our member as safe as possible. The ability for you to be seen 500 – 1000 feet away is important and keeps you out of harms way.

Please note that DCS does not have a cache of Safety Vests to be loaned out to be used by our members and there are no such plans in the future.

If you would like to order a vest, please contact Rick Norwood, Staff 11 @ Staff11 at lacdcs dot org.

*All RRT members are required to have a Safety Vest.

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