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Relay Policy (effective 3/20/2011)

Relay Policy for Tuesday Noon Net

Relay Policy 3-20-2011

The purpose of a relay is to pass a message for someone who cannot reach Net Control (NC). The purpose of the Tuesday Noon Net is to practice using the radio, checking your equipment, answering NC, and finding the spots that work best in the hope of being ready for an emergency should it arise.

Relays are to be handled as follows:

The person requiring a relay (relayee) must make a concerted effort to reach NC via radio. If the relayee cannot reach NC then a relay may be requested during net time.

The person handling the relay (relayer) must be reasonably sure that the relayee has made every attempt to make contact with NC during net time. Once the relayer is satisfied with the attempts to reach NC by the relayee, then the relay may be completed.

The Tuesday Noon Nets, along with the Monday Night Nets, are not to be the only method in which a member accumulates hours in order to meet the required 48 hours for a calendar year. Members must make every effort to check in before asking for a relay. This cannot be a weekly occurrence.


Q: As I leave for work in the morning, a fellow member asks for a relay for the Noon Net. Is this allowed?

A: No.

Q: The person I am relaying for would like to check in, but does not have a radio with him/her today. Can I relay for this person?

A: No. The person should use their own radio or your radio and check in him/herself.

Q: My spouse does not work in an area in which he/she can complete a check in. Can I relay?

A: No. A relay is for someone who has made a concerted effort to try to reach Net Control.

Q: I knew I would be in a meeting during the net. I asked someone to relay for me. Is this allowed?

A: No

Q: I tried to check in, could not reach NC, and could not reach any one to relay for me. May I send an email or text message to NC or Staff 10 or 11 to cover the relay?

A: Yes. However, this is not to be a weekly event.

Q: After making a concerted effort to reach NC, I tried to reach someone from my District that could relay for me. Unfortunately no one was available. Is there someone else that I should contact?

A: Yes. Please send an email to Remember, this is not to be a weekly occurrence.

Q: Each week I try to check into the Net but am unable to reach the repeater. Can I send an email to the relay email address and receive credit?

A: No. The purpose of the Net is to find the areas that work and do not work. Keep in mind that in an emergency you will need to know the “sweet spots” that will allow you to communicate via the repeater(s).

Q: Someone is attempting to check in but NC does not hear them. Another member would like to relay to NC for the person who is not heard. Is this allowed?

A: Yes.

Issued: 3/20/2011

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