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Email Policy

LACDCS Email Policy

LACDCS has created an email policy for access and disclosure of electronic messages created, sent or received using the organizations electronic (e-mail) system.

1. E-Mail is provided for organizational uses only and therefore, it may not be used for non-organizational or commercial activities, religious or political causes or other non DCS-business-related communications of any kind, including personal grievances.

2. Email usage must conform to the goal of facilitating the exchange of information to support the Organization’s mission. Any act contrary to this mission, whether specifically mentioned in these rules or not, will be considered abuse of the email system and email privileges may be revoked.

3. Any messages composed, sent, drafted or received on such system are LACDCS property (whether or not created by a specific LACDCS member or a group of members) and not the private property of any member/s.

4. No one may access or attempt to obtain access to another members email account, information or content without prior appropriate authorization.

5. LACDCS policy against harassment applies to the use of e-email and therefore, all uses of the DCS email system that harass, annoy, or otherwise inconvenience others are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, spamming, flaming, random mailings (“junk email”), casual contacts (“who are you” mail), chain letters, jokes, advertisements, offensive language or graphics or racial or discriminatory comments.

6. DCS email system users should understand that the system is not secure or private. The Executive Staff reserves the right to review an account if warranted.

7. Do not use “Reply All” blindly, keep the list of recipients specific.

8. Do not email when you are angry as your judgment may be cloudy.

9. Do not email items for other groups, including announcements, recruiting information or time tables for other agencies, even if some LADCS members are also members of these external agencies.

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