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MTA Exercise

Please note that the MTA Drill, now called MTA Exercise, has been postponed to June 11, 2011.

Mark your calendars June 11, 2011 DCS will be riding the MTA* for freeimage! DCS members will have the unique opportunity to conduct radio coverage testing along the entire MTA light rail system.  We are looking for at least 20 members for this exciting drill.  Briefing will occur at Union Station and members will be deployed on trains throughout the County.  This event will benefit the MTA as well as DCS and promises to be a lot of fun. Please contact Debby Miles at staff10 at to sign up.


* Does not include the MetroLink trains.

Metro Link Map

All participants must be at Union Station by 0800 hours. Members may ride the MTA trains, for free, beginning at 0600 hours in order to arrive at Union Station by 0800 hours. The Exercise will run to (roughly) 1200 hours when everyone will return to Union Station for a debrief meeting. DCS members may then return via the MTA trains, for free, until 1600 hours. You must be in a DCS uniform the entire time you are riding the trains for free and you must follow the rules set forth below. The MetroLink trains are not included in this exercise and are not included in the free ride.

The following rules are from LASD TSB and must be followed without exception. DCS’, and your participation, in this exercise are contingent upon them.

* You must be in a DCS conforming uniform. Anyone not in a conforming uniform will be asked to leave the Exercise. Uniforms must be neat, clean, and pressed.

* You are representing LASD and must act accordingly at all times.

* Do not sit on the train or at any PAX during this exercise. This includes riding from home to Union Station and the return trip. If you sit, you will be asked to leave. This is an MTA and LASD TSB regulation that we are unable to waive.

* No eating, drinking, or chewing gum onboard any train, or at any PAX during this exercise. This includes riding to and from Union Station to home. This is a citable offense and carries a minimum penalty of $250. This is an MTA regulation that we are unable to waive.

* Stay off the tracks at all times. Do not attempt to cross over the train couplings between cars. If you must cross any tracks, cross only in the designated walkways.

* In the tunnels, the third rail line is electrified – it can kill you on contact.

* Turnstiles at the entrances to the PAX’s are not locked – you can enter through them freely. However, do not go through any gate labeled “Authorized Personnel Only.”

* Obey all posted MTA rules and regulations. Many of them are citable offenses if violated and carry monetary fines.

* Do not stand in the street at any time for your radio checks, or while waiting for a train.

* Do not stand at the edge of the platform on the rumble strips (the yellow mats) while waiting.

* Do not bring any unnecessary attention to yourself. If you must wear a duty belt, leave all unnecessary holsters, pouches, flashlights, exposed knives, radio chest harnesses, etc. at home. They are not needed for this exercise.

* Do not answer questions from patrons regarding train operations, timetables/schedules, observed activity on the trains or at any of the PAX’s, or about MTA rules.

The following members have signed up to work this event (and reconfirmed for June 11th.

  • Debby Miles
  • Marge Miles
  • Lory Jefferson
  • Rick Norwood
  • Frank Myllo
  • Chris Storey
  • Nancy Geitgey
  • Keith Prebble
  • Gary Jaegers
  • Wanda Penner
  • Craig Baker
  • Randy Branson
  • Robert Shannon
  • Jon Olesen
  • Moody Law
  • Norma Law
  • Terry Cox
  • Chuck Lambert
  • Merl Jaegers
  • Robert Sussin
  • Tom Turner
  • Frank Wada
  • Joe Lanphen
  • Diana Bingham
  • Eric Christensen
  • Tony Khalkhali
  • Ray Olesen
  • Ron Powell
  • Jose Almada
  • Steve Hoebink

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