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DCS has been working this detail for many, many years. Our role is not a small one, rather, one that is very important. Not only do we verify the ballot bag count from the heliports to Norwalk (ROV), but we also keep track the helicopters. The task of tracking the ballot bags is handled all along the route to Norwalk and we, DCS are an important part of that process. DCS verifies that the amount of ballot bags loaded on the helicopters is the same number that reaches Norwalk. But not only do we handle the tracking of the bags, but the helicopters are also tracked by DCS. Believe it or not, DCS has a much better picture of the location of all the helicopters at all times. We report the locations of each aircraft as they take off and land and we report this to Norwalk and their air traffic control along with reporting to AERO Bureau. This is an extremely important task.

Note: All Team Leaders are responsible for Safety and the AAR’s.

Safety Issues

The following are requirements/safety issues for this event:

1) Long periods of standing. Sitting may not be an option.

2) The ability to lift ballot bags up to 50 pounds.

3) The ability to move quickly in order to get out of the way should something happen at the heliport.

If you are available to work one of the following locations, please advise Staff 10 at Staff 10 at lacdcs dot org.

Norwalk (Personnel Required: 16+)

El Monte (Personnel Required: 5)

Lancaster (Personnel Required: 4 – 2 at Heliport, 2 in Station)

Pomona (Personnel Required: 6)

Santa Monica (Personnel Required: 4)

Torrance (Personnel Required: 4)

Van Nuys (Personnel Required: 4)

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