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District 22 Great Shakeout

Purpose of event was to provide a communications link during Operation Great ShakeOut between the contract cities EOC’s in the Lost Hills District and the County EOB.  These cities cannot contact K6CPT directly. DCS-22, using the K6DCS repeater is able to cover this area for mobiles as well as fixed EOC facilities.

A total of 13 stations checked into the net.  This included the contract cities EEOC stations of Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Westlake, Oak Park, and Topanga Canyon.  These stations are made u p of CERT, DRT, and city agency  organizations.  Malibu and Hidden Hills did not check-in.  Many of these operators are members of DCS but also hold membership in city organizations. Ventura County Area 2 stations checked in and passed traffic during the net operation. 

One DCS-22 operator, Tom Cagan K-012 was dispatched to the LASD Transit Bureau  Sub Station in Chatsworth and acted as their amateur radio link to the County. Successful Q-5 contact was made with Topanga Canyon EOC on 40 meters (7.280 MHz). Lt. Tubbs was given a demo of the K6DCS repeater performance in the Chatsworth Sub Station.

An additional objective on this event was to perform message transfer by repeater and simplex with Malibu/Lost Hill’s adjacent district , Santa Clarita.  Santa Clarita was called repeatedly on the K6DCS repeater,  as  was pre-arranged, but to no avail.  F-001 was called on the telephone but no answer.  K6CPT Station A was requested to contact Santa Clarita but was also unsuccessful.  Malibu/Lost Hills, District 10/22 did get a great day of communications with adjacent EOC and stations.

De  Dave Danner K6AIX, K-001

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