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05.10.12 Captain’s Message

To all DCS,

Although newly promoted to Captain at Emergency Operations Bureau, I have been assigned here for more than ten years. I have always had deep respect for the dedicated Disaster Communications specialists throughout the County. During DOC activations, at elections, at Department funerals and at specialized drills and events, the Department is always very well represented by our DCS folks. At the most recent drill in Topanga, I had the good fortune to meet many of you in person and once again was awed by your dedication to your craft and to our County.

Sergeant Norris is one of EOB’s finest Sergeants and will continue to oversee the DCS program. I know he has dedicated himself to taking the DCS program to the next level. I just wanted to take an opportunity to say "Thanks" for all you do and making the Emergency Operations Bureau shine. If I may be of any assistance to your program or to you personally please do not hesitate to ask.

Captain John Stedman

Emergency Operations Bureau

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