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CFMB Third Saturday Workshop/Training

May 20, 2016

cfmbLogoThe Communications and Fleet Management Bureau (CFMB) Technical Reserve Company schedules a regular training and workshop session on the third Saturday of each month at the Sheriff’s Communications Center (SCC) in East Los Angeles.   This activity was originally designed to give Reserve Deputies the opportunity to put in hours to help meet their regular obligations and become proficient on the CFMB equipment.    Because DCS members regularly deploy with  CFMB Mobile Communications Units (MCU’s), DCS members are welcome to regularly attend these workshops and are encouraged to work with the Reserve Deputies on these third Saturday sessions, to gain experience and training in helping to set up the MCU’s and military HF equipment used by CFMB.

While the Reserve Company tries to hold to the schedule, it is sometimes necessary to cancel or move these activities.  Therefore before attending, DCS members are encouraged to contact Reserve Deputy Dick Rath at  WA6NSR@GMAIL.COM to be sure the the session will be held.

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