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NBEMS Demonstration

May 22, 2012

What: NBEMS Demonstration
When: June 3, 1000 to 1200 (Sunday)
Where: Lost Hills Station Station, Assembly Room, 27050 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills

NBEMS is a suite of software that you can use with a computer and a transciever to transmit and receive digital messages, with no other hardware. This can be invaluable during an emergency when lengthy messages must be passed without errors. It also has a degree of privacy when compared to voice messages. Read more about NBEMS here:

For the demo, please bring a laptop with NBEMS software loaded, and either the laptop’s built-in microphone or an external microphone. We will be using a mode called MT-63 2000, with the audio signal centered at 2000Hz for the demo.

Here’s a demo on YouTube:

We will explain the advantages of this digital mode, go through the basic configuration steps, and demonstrate transmission and reception of messages, including an ICS-213 message.

Download the three components of NBEMS (fldigi, flwrap and flmsg) here:
These programs are free, and there are versions for Windows, Macs and Unix platforms.

You can follow the demo using a laptop with a microphone and NBEMS software.
After this demo, we will schedule an NBEMS Workshop where everyone will have an opportunity to send and receive messages using a 2m handheld, their laptop, and NBEMS software.

Questions? Contact K6YXH K-75
818 613-2257 cell

818 222-7893 office

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