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Ceasing Ops. In The 1.2 GHz Band

May 16, 2012

Priority: 05/14/2012, 0846

To: All Members

From: Robert Nicholson, Staff 50

In compliance with an FCC order, DCS will be shutting down operations in the 1.2 ghz (23cm) bands at all county Sheriff’s stations and facilities.

DCO’s must insure that this mandate is carried out at all of their respective stations.

This order to cease operation was issued by the Commission due to interference being caused to the newly operable FAA radio-navigation system operating in the Los Angeles basin.

This frequency spectrum is shared with the Federal Government assigned as primary users. Amateur operations are on a secondary basis and contingent with no interference being generated to the primary user. As such, to assure compliance with part 97.303(b) of the rules, DCS will cease operation in this band.

Interference to radio-navigation service is a serious matter that can affect life and safety and as such the Department as well as DCS take this matter very seriously. Your help and compliance with this matter is needed and appreciated.

Further notes on this matter can be found in the editorial section of the June issue of QST.

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