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Assistance Needed for B2V Team

March 20, 2012

I am communications lead for LASD Community Colleges Team # 210.  We have a 0900 start time on Saturday we need 2 operators for day shift and 2 operators for night shift 1 for follow vehicle (van behind runner) and 1 for shuttle vehicle (transports runners to/from each leg/checkpoint, also drops off new runner and picks up tired runner).

I we have sufficient operators, we will put an operator in the team captains vehicle. The operator will need 2m HT w/spare battery. Earphone/speaker mike is helpful at checkpoints.  Vehicles will have mobile radios. Night shift will need flashlight

Day shift follow vehicle leaves Stratosphere Hotel at 0430 hrs. to be at Baker HS for follow vehicle check at 0730 hrs.  Our team has a room available at Stratosphere for radio operators to share/sleep Friday night

It is recommended that you look at the Baker to Vegas website to familiarize yourself with course, rules, etc.

Anyone interested in helping, contact Eric J Christensen K6EJC, at 818 599-6883 cell or Ham Radio Outlet Burbank 818 842-1786. Email:


73 Eric K6EJC, M221

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