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New York Judge Declares Amateur Radio Is Not a Cell Phone

September 16, 2010

09/10/2010 (ARRL News)

In many states and localities, it is illegal to talk on a cell phone (without a hands-free device) while behind the wheel — doing so can result in a ticket and possibly a large fine. But on May 30, 2010, when a New York ham was talking on his mobile rig, he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. Except that the officer who pulled him over and cited him with a $100 fine didn’t quite see it that way.

Steve Bozak, WB2IQU, of Clifton Park, told the ARRL that when he was pulled over while driving to Troy — about 16 miles away — he assured the officer that he was not speaking on a cell phone, but on his handheld transceiver. But according to Bozak, the officer said “it was all the same to him.” So Bozak decided to fight the ticket in court. More…

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